Translators note: this page was also hard to translate (remember I don't read Japanese...). It has technical terms for sure but the principle behind the I-scull like many a great invention (reinvention in this case) is very simple thus hard to put into the right words. This page shows the limits of machine translation - human intervention is stiil necessary for subjects such as these. kiwi

The short history of the birth of the Ve-scull - the I-scull

The Ve-scull is a laminar flow sculling oar, the I-scull is a wide area laminar flow sculling oar.

The Ve-scull improves on the traditional Japanese sculling oar by removing much of the parasite turbulance which reduces its efficiency at high speed. There is one area where it is still creating turbulence - the bottom of the oar.

To fix this problem and cure the turbulance caused by a constantly changing angle of attack we added a fin...

A close up view

When the fin is installed (it can be removed), the blade tip turbulance (in aerodynamics: wing tip stall) dissapears. The laminar flow is restored by the second "wing" - the image of an aicraft springs to mind when viewing the oar.

Ideal thrust is produced over the entire surface of the oar. Because the area is larger the oar twists more, becomes more propellor like in shape during the stroke.

Improvement of laminar flow reaches the point where you can row lightly, naturally and this increases speed also!

© Copyright 2006 - Doi Atsushi. Translation © Copyright 2006 - Tony Grant. The Ve-scull and I-scull are Patent Pending world wide.

Translators notes

This translation is the work of Google Japanese to English beta version and Tony Grant with the invaluable help of the original author Doi Atsushi assisted by Koji Matano. The original version of these pages can be found at Koji Matano works as Timberline Small Craft, he has also translated "Building the Herreshoff Dinghy" into Japanese. Once again thanks to Douglas Brooks for introducing me to the Japanese boat building scene.

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