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See below to choose articles from different categories. A "Plans" section on this site which lists all plan and kit presentations. We invite designers to present their plans for boats for the amateur builder.

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This section is where you will find reports on the building of different types of boats. So far we have reports on the building and rebuilding of three different multihulls and articles on the building of traditional Japanese craft as well as a report on amateur building in Japan.
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This section contains articles on the fundamentals of boat design and our sketch book of boats yet to become building plans or to be built.
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HOWTO articles for the first time builder or the experienced builder alike.
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Stories that cover events and other newsworthy items. Archives of articles that were published on the front page.
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Article projects

You too can write for amateur boat building! If you are not sure of your writing skills do not worry - your article can be edited for you.

We are particularly interested in HOWTOs and building stories.

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